Frequently Asked Questions

Account, profile and group

Who can view my profile?

All users’ profiles on DG-Learning are protected from visitors/guests on the website. Your profile is accessible only to the group members of the group in which you are enrolled.

While editing your profile, you have the option to choose to display your last name, work details and additional information on your profile for all group members or just yourself. Your profile picture, cover photo, first name and profile name are readable by all group members in the groups in which you are subscribed.

The profiles of DG-Learning’s administrators and support are public though, check out the profile of:

Jim de Winter | Glenn de Winter | DG-Learning Support

How do I receive my certificate?

After successfully completing the training and passing the final test with a passing score of 70%, a certificate of participation will be issued. Success is guaranteed! Should the final test be completed with a failing score, the final test can be reset. This can be done until a satisfactory score is achieved. After the final test, there is an immediate opportunity to view, download and print your certificate. Also, the certificate will be displayed on your profile in a widget and all certificates earned by you will be saved on the “Trainings” page in the “My Certificates” tab. Certificates are visible only to the user himself and possibly the group leader of the group to which the user has been added.

How do I create a group?

If you do not yet have an account or already have an account and want to create a group, you must first purchase training for the users of the group in the Training Shop. During your order, under License: check “Group” and you can make the choice to also purchase the training for yourself by checking “Sign me up”. If this is your first group of this course, you do not need to choose a group and “group 1” will be checked by default. Finally, enter the name for your group and add the training to your shopping cart. Upon receipt of payment, the group will be created and you can add your users via Group Management.

For more detailed information about groups, click here.

How do I create multiple groups for the same training?

When you check “group” during your order, 4 options will appear; “group 1”, “group 2”, “group 3” and “group 4”. Select the additional group here. This can be up to a maximum of 4 groups per training (per product in “Training Shop”). Want multiple groups in the same training? Click here and contact us!

For more detailed information about groups, click here.

Where can I view the progress and results of those enrolled in my group?

Progress and results are displayed in 2 ways on the Group Management page:

  • Quiz Results: This overview shows each user’s score in % per quiz and the date with the time they completed the quiz. The answers given by the user and thereby the correct and incorrect answers per question are shown in a clear table. This also shows how long it took the user to complete the quiz question. Click here to view screenshots.
  • Progress and Results: Progress and thereby results by group, training, user, status and start and end dates can also be seen at the bottom of the Group Management page. By using the “filters” all results can be displayed and downloaded into a cvs file. Click here to view a screenshot.
How do I delete my account?

If you want to permanently delete your account from DG-Learning.com, go to My Account menu -> ‘My Account’ -> ‘Account Settings’ -> ‘
Delete account

Attention! When deleting your account, all data will be deleted. This cannot be undone.
How do I delete a group?

As a group member, you do not have the option to leave the group. Only group leaders are authorized to remove the group and group members.

Any purchased group can be removed at any time by the group leader. Go to My Account menu -> ‘My Groups’ and go to the desired group. Then click on “Settings” and go to the “Delete” tab. Wait to remove the group until all group members have finished training and received their certificates. After deleting the group, the group leader and all group members will no longer have access to the trainings. This includes progress and results. Download it easily through Group Management or My Purchased Group(s).

To which users can I send a (private) message?

A student added to a group can only send a private message to the group leader. The group leader can send a message against that to all group members, as long as he/she is a group leader of active (not expired) group. After the expiration date of the training, it is no longer possible to send messages to the trainees and the group leader.


Ordering Training with Bank Transfer

If payment is processed via bank transfer, you have 30 days to complete payment. Your account is created immediately after placing the order. You will receive an email containing the Proforma invoice. This invoice contains our bank information. Training will be added within 24 hours of receipt of payment or order approval by DG-Learning. You will then receive an email confirming that the order has been completed.

Is your question not listed here and have you looked at the info pages as well? Please feel free to contact us. Click here.

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