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E-Learning Online Course

Awareness training / Awarenes training

Hazardous substances ADR / IMDG / IATA

GSTA’s Awareness Training courses teach students all about working safely with hazardous materials. In this basic knowledge training course, students are made aware of hazards and given the most important information regarding packaging, labeling, documenting, handling and transporting hazardous materials. This is taught through text, illustrations, photos, videos and quizzes developed by GSTA since 1985. View sample chapters

E-Learning has many advantages. Want to know which ones they are? Check out the page: Why E-Learning?

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The course is available for over 30 days giving you plenty of time to go through it slowly. Continue or pause at your desired time.

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DG-Learning offers awareness training based on chapter 1.3 of ADR, the IMDG code and 1.5 of IATA-DGR.

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Knowledge since 1985 in dangerous goods trainings.

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Groups for businesses and others with access as a group leader to the progress and results of enrolled employees.

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Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded an online certificate that can be easily downloaded.

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Anyone involved occasionally or frequently in the transport of hazardous materials must be trained on the basis of Chapter 1.3 of the ADR, the IMDG Code and Chapter 1.5 of the IATA-DGR. You may be involved as, consignee, carrier, consignee, loader, packer, filler, unloader, or otherwise as, for example, a principal for transporting hazardous materials. Before performing work with hazardous materials, you should be trained.

This course requires no prior training and is suitable for everyone.

Available on all devices; smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop.

We, Jim and Glenn de Winter, make up the team at GSTA.

2006 – 2024

What do our customers say?

Informative and interactive training


It is a clear, informative and interactive training to increase basic knowledge of hazardous materials.

Michael Donders

Group Leader

High level


This training is high-level in terms of content and for any company dealing with production – packaging, labeling, storage and transport ADR/IMDG/IATA hazardous materials a “must” for the relevant employees. The training touches on key points, which is what companies (employees) encounter every day.

I have often done E-learning training just to know what they had to offer (qualitatively) and I must honestly confess that now for the 1st time I am impressed in terms of design and content, because this training meets the need of many companies and employees.

Vicky Beckers

ADR safety advisor/course leader until 2020 (retirement)

Good Basis


As a shipper of dangerous goods several types of training tested.
Material is clear and well constructed. Some basic knowledge is required though.

Marco van Oort


Clear and organized


Nicole Denijs


Clear and user-friendly e-learning


Carlien Vaes-Derks


Complete basic training


Ronny Veldman

Student / customer
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